Kat and David’s engagement session

Meet Kat and David…Kat is a wedding planner/coordinator and i met her while photographing a wedding in Lexington, KY. I had just attended my grandmothers funeral on the morning of the wedding that we were working together and meeting her was just a blessing. I shared with her about my grandmother’s death and she gave me much needed hugs all day. She’s one of those people that you feel comfortable with immediately. While working that day she shared her and David’s story with me and it brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to share their story (and photos) with you so.. here it is. Written by Kat ~

David and I met nine years ago. We met at church through a mutual friend. Little did i know that eight years later i would be planning our wedding. 

All through the years.. we were just friends. BEST friends. David and I often met at Starbucks for coffee (and good conversation) ..we just enjoyed each others company. We both loved to travel and would go on trips and come back and share our stories over a cup of  joe. We learned more about each other through time. We played tennis and took late night runs to McDonalds for vanilla ice cream cones. David became a part of my family. My mom took him in as a son years before that became a reality. 

David said he always knew he was in love with me. I on the other hand knew I loved him…i just had no clue how much. 

Over the years i dated people…he had a few girlfriends, nothing serious though. Even while we dated other people…we always stayed in contact. 

It wasn’t until November 2011 that i truly realized what was going on in my heart. David spent Thanksgiving with my family and it was wonderful. Then December rolled around and David went on a cruise with his family during the holidays. He was gone on Christmas. Him being gone upset me. 

I called him as he was on his way home and turns out they didn’t have a ride home from the airport.  They would be arriving at 2 am and i had to work at 7 am but i volunteered anyway..i had to see him.

When i got to the airport i waited and waited. The flight was delayed and that made me even more anxious to see him. I couldn’t wait!! I truly believe while waiting in that airport …i realized i was in love with my BEST  friend. As people descended off of the escalator..i scanned the crowd and then there he was. He ran over to me and grabbed my hand and the simple words of “hey…let’s go see the fam”…that moment …i knew….i never wanted him to leave again. If he were to leave again…i would want to be the one he came home to. 

The next week was his birthday and i made him dinner and cheesecake and from that night on we decided that we never wanted to be apart. We made our commitment to be BEST friends, lover, and encouragers to one another. 

We still frequent that Starbucks to this day. 

Kat and David were married Oct 1 2011.